What makes this program so special is the variety of talented people who teach an abundance of skills. Another quality that makes this program so uniquely successful is the collaboration of community members who give of their time to bring new and interesting information and skills.

We center our educational training around job skills, social skills, and life skills. This allows for a wide scope of help needed to make this happen. We rely on volunteers to assist and expedite training, production, skill building, outreach, fundraising, networking, marketing, sales, and more. To date, 50% of the staff have been volunteers, and we are always in need of the involvement of helpful and eager supporters to donate their time, talents, or financial assistance.

SEEDs for Autism is a nonprofit built around community, for the community. If you are interested in becoming a supporter to assist, please contact us to learn more. All volunteers who work directly with the participants will be required to get a fingerprint card, and clearance, along with orientation training.

Telephone: 602-253-4471

Email: info@seedsforautism.org